Associates for      
                 Health Education  and Behavior, LLC

                           Improving health through education

         Services use an educational approach to making better health decisions and changing unhealthy behaviors.

____________________________________________________Health Education _________________________________________________________________

Have you recently been diagnosed with a health issue or been dealing with a chronic disease that you want to know more about?

Health Education helps you understand your health issues by teaching you what you need to know and know how to do.

          With more knowledge, you can make informed health decisions and better follow the advice of your healthcare provider.

___________________________________________Individual Health Behavior Change _____________________________________________________

Have you tried to change an unhealthy behavior, but weren't successful or do you want to change, but don't know how?

          Individual Health Behavior Change helps you replace unhealthy habits through a tailored plan developed just for you along
         with the support and guidance you need to navigate the change process.

          As no two people are the same, no two clients have the same behavior change challenges,  even if the behavior they are
          changing is the same. 

           The individuality of clients is respected with each person helped to adopt healthier behaviors within the context of
           his/her life.

 Examples of health issues behavior change can help you with include:

  • weight management (loss or gain)*
  • food allergy/sensitivity management
  • cholesterol management
  • stress management
  • high blood pressure control
  • diabetes control
  • cardiovascular disease risk reduction
  • general unhealthy lifestyle behaviors/habits

Permanent change is not a quick fix. You didn’t develop the behavior you want to change overnight, so changing it is going to take some time. The longer you’ve been doing, it, the longer it will take to change.

Research tells us 
it takes, on average, sixty-six (66) days or about nine weeks to change a behavior. Some people can change some behaviors in as little as three weeks, while others take six months or more. This is why we will work together to develop a customized plan for you.

Weekly sessions are recommended for the first 4-6 weeks as most people need this level of support at the beginning.

The frequency of your sessions will depend on your life circumstances. We will figure out the best schedule for you at our initial meeting and we'll adjust it as we go along.              

For those who have difficulty traveling or who live too far to meet in the Sparta, NJ office, sessions can be done through Skype.

Fee Schedule:
Complimentary Initial Consultation
First session:                  $190 (60 minutes)
Follow-up sessions:     $  70 (30 minutes)

*Please note:
  •  Associates for Health Education and Behavior does not recommend, promote or sell diets, supplements, rapid weight loss gimmicks,  or put clients on "diets." 
  • Weight management is addressed through education based on sound research, focused on lifestyle behaviors and the way the body functions.
  • The approach used is a process for making sustainable changes to address unhealthy habits developed over time. It is not a quick fix to lose weight for an event in a couple of weeks.
  • The cost of this individualized educational approach is equal to or less than many of the  "diet plans" on the market today. 

____________________________________________________Health Consulting ________________________________________________________________
Have you always wanted to write, present or teach, but need help getting things together?

            Health Consulting helps you share what you know with others.

                   Patient Education Materials
                       If you want content for patient education materials developed but don't have the time or personnel to devote to it,         
                       education materials consultation can help.

                   Course design
                       If you want to develop a course or an entire curriculum, but don't know where to start, course design consultation can
Using your content and guidelines, anything from a first draft to a finished product can be provided.

                   Manuscript preparation
                       If you've always wanted to 'publish' but need assistance preparing a manuscript  for submission to a peer-reviewed
                       journal, manuscript preparation consultation can help you with:

                                    - preparing initial and subsequent  manuscript drafts using your content

                                                - editing for writing clarity and grammar
                                    - reviewing  submission guidelines for compliance
                                    - addressing revisions  

                                      Workshops are also available on the process of writing for publication from concept to submission.

                   Presentation development
                       If you want to prepare a basic PowerPoint presentation (PPT), but don't know how to go about it, presentation    
                       consultation can help with the following:

                                    - creating a PPT deck using your content
                                    - reviewing for completeness
                                    - editing for clarity, grammar, and visual appeal